Customs Clearance
Speedy Carrier


We take customs compliance seriously! Being sure that our customers are compliant with U.S customs regulations is our #1 priority. Providing customs clearance service through our sister company (On Time Customs Brokerage LLC):
  • Customs Clearance 
  • Fish & Wild Life Clearance
  • FDA Clearance
  • Importer Security Filings (ISF 10+2 filing)
  • Drawbacks 
  • Carnets
  • Classification & Compliance Services
  • Import Requirement Consultation (i.e. FDA, USDA, EPA, FWL, ATF etc.)
  • Temporary Importation under Bond (TIB)
  • U.S. / Canada / Mexico Border Clearance
  • Reconciliation Entry Services
  • Fairs and Exposition Entry Services
  • Automobile Clearance
  • Binding Rulings
  • Bonded Warehouse Management
  • Warehouse Entry and WIthdrawal
  • Foreign Trade Zone Management
  • ACH Automated Clearinghouse